What is eSelection?

eSelection is a secure Internet application allowing participation in the selection process for consultancy assignments for which EBRD is responsible.

Who can register?

  • Individual consultants or individuals representing their respective firms.
  • All law firms on an office by office basis.

Why register?

  1. (Consultant) As a registered user you will be able to create your own profile and subscribe for the sectors and areas of expertise of interest to you. You will then be automatically alerted of upcoming opportunities as they arise.
  2. (Law Firm) By identifying your areas of sector expertise, you will enable the EBRD Legal Department to request your participation in the selection process for assignments of legal work.
  3. You will be able to participate in the EBRD selection process.

You are signing-in to one or more secure applications operated by the EBRD for its official business. You have been granted the right to access these applications and the information contained in them to facilitate your official business with the EBRD. Misuse of your access rights may result in denial of further access. Your accounts and passwords are your responsibility. Do not share them with anyone.

About EBRD - eSelection Terms and Conditions - EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules

Please note this application works best with Internet Explorer. It is strongly recommended that you use Internet Explorer.